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Saloni Gajjar
Saloni Gajjar is a staff writer (TV) running on caffeine. Her work experience includes NBC, Mashable, Complex, Interview Magazine. She's a member of the Television Critics Association & WGAE.

Like a lot of people here, I think we’re looking at two seperate perpetrators: a poisoner and a pusher. I think Donna poisoned Ben, but wasn’t trying to kill him, just make him sick enough to be replaced. As for who pushed him, that’s a little more obscure. I do wonder if Tobert’s line “I’m just doing what you’re Read more

Ooh. “What if all of the Pickwick triplets did it?” I don’t actually think that’s a line in the song, so maybe it is that “None of the Pickwick triplets did it.” Read more

Ooooh good one - Tobert trying for a better documentary! Read more

I think the song about the triplets is much more important to the mystery than we have been led to believe. Read more

The scene with Ben’s self hatred after the cookie was extremely distressing. Rudd did an incredible job, but it was tough to watch. Read more

I like Flanagan’s series very much but I’m not into the vibe of this trailer. Nothing about the wealthy family theme appeals to me, and it looks too comical, albeit darkly so. Read more

By having Donna be the one that poisoned him, but having someone else push him down the elevator means Donna isn’t actually the killer, sure she’s committed attempted murder, but it’s a loophole that means she’s not the murderer and therefore the murderer may not actually be a woman. Read more

Yeah, I fully believe Ben/Rudd was talking to a cookie or plate of cookies in his dressing room, not a person. I also think he’s the one who wrote ‘fucking pig’ with the pig picture on his mirror. Trying to stick to a diet. I wonder if it was his brother who poisoned him and we’ll find out he sent someone else in the Read more

My best explanation is that it ties into Donna’s aside about doing anything for her kids. In the face of a terrible play, she thought it was better to scuttle it all with the death of the lead than have her son’s first show become a laughingstock. (I’m not totally sold on Donna doing it, at least not without someone Read more

Please note, our trio reached their latest conclusion after eating “red herring” dip. Read more

Sure, but I think they were focusing on Ben’s emotional journey from being so upbeat to being utterly broken. Joy fixing his makeup wouldn’t really rate on that path since it didn’t seem either of them experienced much emotion at all while it was happening (remember, Joy didn’t know that it was Charles that punched Read more

Donna is covering up for her son and Tobert Read more

Hey I was half right again from last week! Two weeks in a row being half right! Read more

I noticed that too. Why did they leave Joy out? I don’t think there was any hidden meaning with her being left out, but it seems essential to the timeline. Read more

I really loved this episode. The three of them together, racing around trying to find out what Ben was doing (the ladder in sewing store...what??) and getting to watch the timeline with the trio. The Ben scene with the cookie - I’m going to have to go back and watch that again! Read more

1. My theory is that Cliff read the review and in his simple minded way thought the best solution was to poison the cookie that yes, are “from” Donna but we only ever actually see Cliff holding. Ben presumably then figures it out, considering the cookie was all he ate that night, and then Donna pushes him down the Read more

Great episode. Amazing guest stars and the main cast is better every season. I think I know who the two killers are, and I don’t think they are being focused on yet. I also think that there will be a huge behind the scenes chase of a very nimble murderer during the opening of the musical (a la Foul Play). Read more

Something doesn’t add up with the timeline. It’s implied he ate the cookie and and wrote on the mirror immediately after firing Tobert. Where does Joy fixing his makeup and leaving behind the lipstick fit here? Read more

Selena Gomez as Mabel is cynical yet pure, retro yet contemporary, goofy but sultry. I love her Read more