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Saloni Gajjar
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yeah they knew what they were talking about! i wish we didn’t have to wait so long to see it, but it was still such a tremendous scene.  Read more

yeah, I agree with you, it felt unnatural that they took this long to figure out, and seemingly wouldn’t have if Oliver wasn’t declaring his love for dips.  Read more

my logical brain agreed, why kill when you can fire? the fun side of my brain wants to yell “that’s showbiz for ya” Read more

Good catch. I presumed they didn’t show us Joy entering because we already know it happened, but then again, they made us relive Ben’s fight with Loretta/Charles’ punch so it’s kinda suspicious, you’re right.  Read more

Oooh, who do you think they are? Hoping for a fun musical chase now.  Read more

I like that a lot! And yeah, Rudd was killer here, and I think more unexpected because of how loud/annoying Ben has been all season long.  Read more

waittt a twin theory? i want to get on board because it’s so fun but i hate when TV shows try to shoehorn that twist in general so let’s see...could be interesting Read more

Lol that’s fair. I assumed they did it because Mabel was motivated after hearing Loretta trying so hard to tell her it’s not Dickie... Read more

Yeah, I’m leaning on it being two diff killers, too  Read more

i would love for it to be Mabel but it’d be pretty unbelievable. OMITB would be audacious if they tried that twist. Donna, on the other hand, is a strong contender.  Read more

Aahhh, I think Paul Rudd plays the jerks so well! But yeah, Streep is excellent here. And Martin Short is easily my MVP of S3, I would be so thrilled if he won.  Read more

Mabel as the actual killer is very hard for the show to do, so if they go that route, it’s going to be a seriously bold choice.  Read more

This could be sooo interesting! I don’t know how they’d pull it off but I’d be down with that twist.  Read more

It was definitely one of if not the strongest episode of the season. Read more

I absolutely love this Streep & Park performance! They knocked it out of the park.  Read more

ugh i am sorry!!! i will rectify this in my next recap somehow, i promise.  Read more

I will actually never forgive myself for forgetting to mention him even though i went “MEL FREAKING BROOKS!” in my notes.  Read more